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IMG_20170425_171556 As a plant lover, herbalist, grower, medicine maker, forager, and teacher, I honor the vital dance of reciprocity with the plants and the land. Herbalism, organic gardening, and permaculture are precious threads that we weave into every aspect of our homesteading life here at Sacred Roots Herbal Sanctuary. Though I’ve learned from various teachers in the traditional western herbalism model through the years (with a healthy dose of self taught learning as well ), I consider myself to be a perpetual life long student. Prior to moving here, I worked and studied at the Green Farmacy Garden, tending the medicinal plants, teaching and giving tours for world renowned ethnobotanist Dr. Jim Duke. It was a major stepping stone and a blessing, that gave my husband and I the impetus we needed  to take the leap and start our own medicinal herb farm here in Shepherdstown.
131013_003 Keir Knoll is an electrical engineer extraordinaire and heart centered musician , who loves getting dirty and using his skills to design sustainable alternatives to the status quo. He is passionate about supporting and promoting local food, local farms, and local economies.

“I’m quite pleased with Hillary’s hard work in the Green Farmacy Garden, her fondness for continued learning, and dedication to the medicinal plant world. Thanks and keep it up Hillary.”

~ Dr. Jim Duke

The Green Farmacy

“Hillary Banachowski’s dedication to deep healing of the Earth is impressive and motivating. Her energy soothes and empowers the workshop participants. I have always been inspired by this delightful, loving, maker-of-happenings. 

                                                                              Peggy B. – workshop participant