About Our Herbs

When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. ~ Aldo Leopold

Certified_Naturally_Grown_logoFrom the integrity of the seed to the health of the soil, to harvesting and drying herbs that are potent and fresh … we strive to work in “right relationship” with the land, and to deliver the highest quality herbs to you. Here are the practices we integrate on our farm.

  •  We use organic and heirloom seeds and plants only.
  •  We use organic, compost based seed starting mix that is full of life. 
  •  We weed, harvest and process herbs all by hand. 
  • We rely on Mother Nature for watering mostly, and have drip irrigation for back up.
  •  We follow ethical wildcrafting practices for the “wild” herbs that live here.
  • Our herbs are dried in our solar powered, covered greenhouse and drying shed.
  • We plant pollinator friendly plants for our pollinator friends and insectary plants to attract beneficial parasitic and predatory insects
  • We give back to the land through regenerative agriculture practices : no-till farming, sheet mulching and adding healthy soil amendments (compost , green manure and nitrogen rich cover crops).
  • Our herbs are Certified Naturally Grown *** Certified Naturally Grown is the grassroots alternative to Certified Organic. It is a US-based farm assurance program certifying produce, livestock and apiaries for organic producers who sell locally and directly to their customers. We grow without the use of  any herbicides or pesticides.